S18E24: Mike Storck


Going to the gun show with Mike Storck.

Podcast favourite Mike slides by for his SEVENTH APPEARANCE!!! We couldn’t be happier to have him back. You’ll hear why.

Join Mike and TVA as they take aim at the following:

– Get your celebrity bashing in check
– When racists are trying to show that they’re not racist
– Air travel is fantastical!

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E23: Dave Harris


Trimming it up with Dave Harris.

Dave is a wonderful guy, funny comedian and you should get his album Pointless.

Join Dave and TVA as they toast the following:

– You should watch Dave’s web series “Beer Me”, unless you like Michelob Ultra
– We can’t shave now
– Drop the jobs, tell some jokes

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E22: Lianne Mauladin


Going out to sea with Lianne Mauladin.

Lianne is a fantastic comedian and artist and you can check out her show Merry Janes of Comedy at Comedy Bar.

Join Lianne and TVA as they sculpt something on the following:

– A boatful of lawyers
– Art teachers are awesome
– How to use TV Guides

Thanks and enjoy!