S19E13: Trevor Lui


Cooking something up with Trevor Lui.

Trevor returns to the podcast to talk about his forthcoming book The Double Happiness Cookbook. Make sure you pre-order it now!

Join Trevor, Producer Darcy and TVA as they boil through the following:

– Trevor’s got a new project that you have to hear about. He explains how diversity in kitchens matters.
– Cooking in the time of COVID
– Stupid hipsters

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Thanks and enjoy!


S19E12: Tracey Hoyt


Carving it up with Tracey Hoyt.

Tracey is a wonderful actor and mentor who is in the hilarious show Decoys on CBC Gem. Make sure you check it out!

Join Tracey, Producer Darcy and TVA as they stroll through the following:

– Staying sane during COVID
– Doing commercials in your pyjamas
– Manscaping! Eww.

Thanks and enjoy!


S19E11: Steve Kaszas


Speaking our mind with Steve Kaszas.

Steve is a wonderful actor and producer who comes to talk about his latest film Speak Your Mind.

Join Steve, Producer Darcy and TVA as they swim through the following:

– A pandemic is a great time for anxiety and acting
– George Bush & Hitler
– Make your thing!

Thanks and enjoy!