S18E19: Nigel Grinstead


Wrapping up the year with Nigel Grinstead.

Nigel is a comedian and writer who is on a wonderful comedy compilation album called The Great Canadian Comedy Rumble.

Join Nigel and TVA as they dash through the following:

– Christmas traditions
– What was good in 2019
– Working NYE

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E18: Nile Seguin


Going on with Nile Seguin.

Long-time friend of the show Nile shows up to talk about everything that comics and performers go through in Canada. A fantastic chat!

Join Nile and TVA as they scribble their way through the following:

– Cases of mistaken identity and mistaken fame
– Mental health, therapy and voice work
– Just…write!

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E17: Sean McDonnell


Burning bridges with Sean McDonnell.

Sean’s a Vancouver-based comedian in town promoting his album All In My Head. Make sure you pick it up!

Join Sean and TVA as they drive through the following:

– The Vancouver comedy scene taken apart comic-by-comic
– Welcome to Toronto!
– Open mics. Hellscape or Botched Surgery? Discuss.

Thanks and enjoy!