S19E10: Dylan Brody


Breathing easy with Dylan Brody.

Dylan returns to the podcast for his third visit, this time (almost) in the flesh! His latest project The Corona Dialogues is available now and great to watch.

Join Dylan, Producer Darcy and TVA as they mother their way through the following:

Roasting your father at MIT. As you do.
– Putting yourself above the greater cause.
– One hell of a Carl Reiner story

Thanks and enjoy!


S19E09: Nick Johne


Staying calm with Nick Johne.

Improvisor and stand-up Nick comes onto the podcast for a big old reminisce with his former student.

Join Nick, Producer Darcy and TVA as they offer the following:

– Improv in the time of Covid
– Living in the US now is just great
– Nick was in The Bible!

Thanks and enjoy!


S19E08: Rory Scovel


Figuring it all out with Rory Scovel.

Rory returns to the podcast, this time over the interwebs!

Join Rory, Producer Darcy and TVA as they fire out the following:

– People will do our undoing
– Comedy shows? Still happening.
– Keeping the family safe while staying sane

Thanks and enjoy!