S16E16: Nick Martinello


Moving out with Nick Martinello.

Nick is a Toronto comic, host of the great stand-up show “The Game” at Comedy Bar and we get to steal some time with him before he leaves our fair city.

Join Nick and TVA as they SOMETHING the following:

– Nick’s going to Madchester!
– Planet’s fine
– Spelling Mistakes on Menus: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!


S16E15: Taras Lavren


Spelling it out with Taras Lavren.

Taras is a wonderful actor who can be seen in CBC’s Anne With An ‘E’.

Also, check out his work on Blink Twice.

Join Taras and TVA as they take a run at the following:

– We have audition tips!
– What’s your body type? TVA’s is ‘gross’.
– Foot Gloves: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!


S16E14: David Shoalts


Booking it with David Shoalts.

Sports reporter for the Globe and Mail David Shoalts returns to the podcast on the back of his latest book Hockey Fight in Canada. A wonderful read and a marvelous chat with one of Canada’s finest journalists.

Join David and TVA as they fight through the following:

– Ever smoke weed in a limo?
– Ever almost be in a movie?
– Ever have to write a book at 5am?

Thanks and enjoy!