S18E23: Dave Harris


Trimming it up with Dave Harris.

Dave is a wonderful guy, funny comedian and you should get his album Pointless.

Join Dave and TVA as they toast the following:

– You should watch Dave’s web series “Beer Me”, unless you like Michelob Ultra
– We can’t shave now
– Drop the jobs, tell some jokes

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E22: Lianne Mauladin


Going out to sea with Lianne Mauladin.

Lianne is a fantastic comedian and artist and you can check out her show Merry Janes of Comedy at Comedy Bar.

Join Lianne and TVA as they sculpt something on the following:

– A boatful of lawyers
– Art teachers are awesome
– How to use TV Guides

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E21: Kevin Brauch


Giving gifts with Kevin Brauch.

Kevin is a long time friend of the show. A mixologist, a foodie and a friend. His eps are always great and this is no exception.

Join Kevin and TVA as they stumble the following:

– We got gifts!
– We deconstruct booze!
– We talk about embarrassing stage moments!

Thanks and enjoy!