S18E15: Lamont Ferguson


Getting nervous with Lamont Ferguson.

Lamont is an amazingly talented and funny comedian who has been doing comedy for over 30 years. You can watch his special You Had All Day on Amazon Prime.

Join Lamont and TVA as they SOMETHING the following:

– Opening for Carlin and Ella Fitzgerald
– Going on The Tonight Show
– Performing in Canada

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E14: Sandra Battaglini


Calling the roll with Sandra Battaglini.

Sandra is not only a superb comic and clown (seriously) but is one of the key organizers of the Canadian Association of Stand-Up Comedians and doing some great work to support the community.

Join Sandra and TVA as they meander through the following:

– Make sure you check out Sandra’s movie The Mayor of Comedy
– Politics!
– Unions!
– Clowns!

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E13: Matt Cauz


Tipping the glass with Matt Cauz.

Matthew is an accomplished sportscaster as well as a learned wine connoisseur. You should check out his podcast Matt Talks Wine and Stuff With Interesting People Podcast

Join Matt and TVA as they w(h)ine about the following:

– What can Canada do right for wine?
– Matt did stand-up!
– Sports!

Thanks and enjoy!