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S18E21: Kevin Brauch


Giving gifts with Kevin Brauch.

Kevin is a long time friend of the show. A mixologist, a foodie and a friend. His eps are always great and this is no exception.

Join Kevin and TVA as they stumble the following:

– We got gifts!
– We deconstruct booze!
– We talk about embarrassing stage moments!

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E20: Nigel Downer & Kris Siddiqi


Hacking it up with Nigel Downer and Kris Siddiqi.

Kris and Nigel are improvisers and actors who have their new project Bit Playas which you can watch on CBC Gem!

Join Kris, Nigel and TVA as they game their way through the following:

– Happy New Year!
– Hack comedy extends to improv
– Bad movies and show titles

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E19: Nigel Grinstead


Wrapping up the year with Nigel Grinstead.

Nigel is a comedian and writer who is on a wonderful comedy compilation album called The Great Canadian Comedy Rumble.

Join Nigel and TVA as they dash through the following:

– Christmas traditions
– What was good in 2019
– Working NYE

Thanks and enjoy!