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S15E21: Dave Curran


Snapping to it with Dave Curran.

Dave is a wonderfully talented hypnotist, magician and former DJ. He runs the gamut and brings the funny. You can see him perform at Dave & Busters.

Join Dave and TVA as they sleep deep on the following:

– The wonders of morning zoo DJing
– Can hypnotists be hypnotized? The answer will astound you!
– Magic!

Thanks and enjoy!


S15E20: The Coincidende Men (Kerry Griffin, Ralph MacLeod, Gord Oxley, Marcel St. Pierre)


Making it up with The Coincidence Men.

The Coincidence Men (Kerry Griffin, Ralph MacLeod, Gord Oxley, Marcel St. Pierre) are a wonderful improv troupe that run their show on the 4th Saturday of the month at the Social Capital Theatre in Toronto. This is a rare remote recording at the Social Capital…which is ACTUALLY ABOVE A PUB!

Join The Coincidence Men and TVA as they stage the following:

– Improv: Is there?
– Bad TV is sometimes good TV
– Swear Trek is the best Trek

Thanks and enjoy!


S15E19: Pastel Supernova


Dancing around with Pastel Supernova.

Pastel Supernova is a burlesque performer and a wonderfully hilarious woman with an amazing story. You can see her monthly show Love Letters Cabaret every month at Lula Lounge in Toronto.

Join Pastel and TVA as they peel back the layers on the following:

– You gotta have faith
– Never cross an ethnic mom
– Tattoos are arm stories

Thanks and enjoy!

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