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S19E01: Derek Forgie


Going remote with Derek Forgie.

Stay in your homes, follks. That’s what Darcy, Derek and TVA did for the first episode of the 19th season. Make sure you check out Derek’s 10 Minute Talk Show.

Join Darcy, Derek and TVA as they stream through the following:

– Positive racism? Still racism.
– Every buy a bowling alley?
– Wholesome peanuts.

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E06: Derek Forgie


Bringing it in with Derek Forgie.

Derek returns, fave of the podcast, creator of the “10 Minute Talk Show” and “Kiss a Ginger Day” and roots-level social activist. Always a pleasure to have him into the studio.

Join Derek and TVA as they SOMETHING the following:

– If you see something, say something.
– Snuggles from Ed Sheeran
– Write Em Up!

Thanks and enjoy!


S12E20: Derek Forgie


Conceding points with Derek Forgie.

Another wonderful, funny and poignant visit from Derek. Who’s better at helping to deconstruct the crappy things in the world right now? Listen in and see.

Join Derek and tva as they elect to talk about:

– Are you suffering from Trump burnout?
– Trump concession speeches
Check out this guy

Thanks and enjoy!

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