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S02E06: Shelley Marshall

We put names to faces with Shelley Marshall.

Comedian, world traveller, and fantastic friend Shelley Marshall swings by to sit a spell and give the whisky a go.

Join tva, Shelley, and Ian as we get around to the following:

– Her delightful show “Full Bawdy Comedy
– Opening for “Puppetry of the Penis
– Comedy in the UK
– Gigging down in South Africa (not Sun City)

Thanks and enjoy!


S02E05: Alan Park

You know, that Alan Park is quite the character.

Comedian, actor, and sometime impressionist Alan Park comes in and joins us and talks about some of his favourite faces to put on.

Join tva, Alan, and Ian as we tip our foppy wigs to the following:

– We ever so slightly get into politics. But why wouldn’t you today?
– We discover that a good impression is all about having a good wig
– Alan does Jagger, Durst, and some Nickelback
– Oh, and he did it all for Air Farce

Thanks and enjoy!


S02E04: Aaron Berg

Aaron Berg stops by looking for packing peanuts and any liquor boxes we can spare.

Friend of the podcast Aaron Berg slides by for a chin wag. The clanging noise that you hear in the background is that of names being dropped.

Join tva, Aaron, and Ian as we get a move on:

– The number of projects Aaron gets involved with that have “King” in the title
– Always being the tough guy
– Giving it up and moving to New York
– A load of comedian name-droppery
The worst hairpiece ever

Also, make sure you stay tuned to the end for a little taste of Jamie Kilstein. If you are looking to see Jamie, CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS!

Thanks and enjoy!