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S07E08: Nile Seguin


Nerding out with Nile Seguin.

Recorded during our week at Absolute Comedy, Ottawa, Nile and I sit down and have a chat to a background of 80s music.

Join Nile and tva as they take the hit points on the following:

– We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time
– Dungeons & Dragons will kill you
– Rob Ford. Again. Still.

Thanks and enjoy!

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S06E10: Rebecca Kohler & Nile Seguin

 Rebecca Kohler, Nile Seguin & TVA

Double-trouble with Rebecca Kohler and Nile Seguin

Not one but two fantastic comics on the show today, in advance of their DVD recording at the Lower Ossington Theatre in Toronto on May 23, 2013. Get tickets HERE.

Join Nile, Rebecca, tva & Darcy as we allow entry of the following topics:

– Joke thieves are like bike thieves
– Crappy movies about great literary classics
– What is someone you hate shows up at a show?
– We play another round of “Who’s Worked More?”

Thanks and enjoy!

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S03E24: CATP-LIVE! with Debra DiGiovanni and Nile Seguin

Our first live recording of the podcast at Comedy Bar in Toronto with Debra DiGiovanni and Nile Seguin.

[Photo copyright Connie Tsang 2012]

We talk:

– Man spas
– Prepping for comedy specials and CDs
– Deb and Nile’s great podcast “Total Request Comedy”

Thanks and enjoy!