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S16E02: Sherren Lee


Setting the scene with Sherren Lee.

Sherren is a wonderful director who has produced some wonderful works including The Things You Think I’m Thinking. Make sure you check out this wonderful film!

Join Sherren and TVA as they frame the following:

– Musical theatre!
– How many languages can you speak?
– Murdoch Mysteries: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!


S16E01: Carolyn Bennett


Seven-timing-it with Carolyn Bennett.

Carolyn comes by for her SEVENTH visit before she goes to Kingston for the STOREFRONT FRINGE FESTIVAL July 20th to the 28th, 2018.

Join Carolyn and TVA as they leaf the following:

– Politics
– Social Media
– Carolyn has a book coming out! And she can talk about it!

Thanks and enjoy!


S15E25: Anne Mroczkowski


Staying current with Anne Mroczkowski.

Anne swings by and helps close out our 25th season to talk news, comedy and knowing your history.

Join Anne as they break the following:

– News was frantic news. Not like today.
– Behind-the-scenes of your news casts
– Dirt Alert!

Thanks and enjoy!