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S06E05: Rhiannon Archer

Cooking up mischief with Rhiannon Archer.

Comedian Rhiannon joins tva in a continuation of their late night conversations on comedy, food shows, and failure at personal fitness.

Join Rhiannon and tva as they discuss:

– You will be chopped…
– …for butchering the language of Portugal…
– …and being bad at being healthy

Thanks and enjoy!

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S02E24: Massimo Capra

Cookin’ up some laughs with Chef Massimo Capra.

Chef Massimo comes to CATP Towers and joins Todd for a load of chat about food and fun.

Join tva and Massimo as we slice into the following:

– We discuss Massimo’s new book 3 Chefs
– Self-mutilation in the kitchen’s of Italy
– Massimo steps to the honour of Paris Hilton
– Massimo helps save Todd’s old haunt
– What the hell is wrong with people in restaurants???

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