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S19E04: Norm Wilner


Feeling good with Norm Wilner.

Norm returns to the podcast to help us through the hell that we currently find ourselves in. He provides some really good tips on some great shows to watch. You can hear him here and also on his other podcasts Someone Else’s Movie and Now What?.

Join Norm, Producer Darcy and TVA as they roll the dice on the following:

– How to and how not to meet celebrities
– Soderberg is just…wow.
– Isolation picks!

Thanks and enjoy!


S19E03: Tamsen McDonough


Getting ship-shape with Tamsen McDonough.

Tamsen is a delight and returns to the show to talk about her upcoming Netflix show “A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting”.

Join Darcy, Tamsen and TVA as they snack on the following:

– Auditioning and recording during quarantine
– Dogs on planes??? Yup.
– Friend-of-Hulk-Friend Smash!

Thanks and enjoy!


S19E02: Jonas Chernick & Jeremy LaLonde from “James Vs His Future Self”


Getting stern with Jonas Chernick and Jeremy LaLonde.

Jeremy and Jonas are a wonderful team that wrote, produced and created the feature “James Vs His Future Self”. Make sure you check it out on iTunes or wherever great movies are streamed.

Join James, Jonas and TVA as they zoom through the following:

– How acting is about to change
– Self-growth during a pandemic
– Daniel Stern is a treat!

Thanks and enjoy!