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S02E23: Nick Beaton & Steve Scholtz

The Laugh-opalypse approacheth with Bloor Horsemen Nick Beaton and Steve Scholtz.

We have the immense pleasure of visiting with Nick and Steve before they take off to different shores and move their comedy careers outside of Canada. It was a true pleasure to have them on before they go. Good luck, guys!

Join tva, Nick, Steve, and Ian while we explore the following deadly sins:

– Cats, pets, and how they can help out with problems
– It turns out Steve will pretty much eat filth
– Prepping for big moves
– The call of the UK and the US
How TV Ruined Your Life
– Apparently tva made reference to THIS again

And don’t forget to CLICK HERE to bring JIMMY PARDO to Toronto.

Thanks and enjoy!


S02E07: John Catucci

We break focaccia with John Catucci.

Half of the Doo Wops John Catucci shows up this week and we also team up with old friend Dave Paterson who joins in.

Join tva, John, Ian, and Dave as colloquio:

– Family life in the Catucci house
– Life in the Doo Wops
– We go Italian
– We have a DoodleBop in the house!

Thanks and enjoy!


S02E06: Shelley Marshall

We put names to faces with Shelley Marshall.

Comedian, world traveller, and fantastic friend Shelley Marshall swings by to sit a spell and give the whisky a go.

Join tva, Shelley, and Ian as we get around to the following:

– Her delightful show “Full Bawdy Comedy
– Opening for “Puppetry of the Penis
– Comedy in the UK
– Gigging down in South Africa (not Sun City)

Thanks and enjoy!