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S02E19: Jason Deline

Jason Deline takes shots.

Voice actor Jason steps into the stuio with some Mexican courage. It gets weird but funny.

Join tva, Jason, and Ian as we go vocal on:

– Jason’s great work on Radio Vault and beyond
– The wonderful art of voice acting
Jason’s voice workshop
– …and more items that, where not covered here, will be rolled out in an outtakes reel

Thanks and enjoy!


S02E10: Tracey Hoyt

We get animated with Tracey Hoyt.

An Ian-less affair, where Tracey comes by in good voice. We talk about some fantastic shows that she’s now a part of. And tva tries to save a few bob by getting animation voice training early.

Join tva and Tracey as when we don’t talk about food, we talk about:

– Food. Like a lot of it. I did mention that, didn’t I? Dammit.
– Getting your accents together at the Speech Accent Archive
– Tracey’s great work in “Servitude”, “Stag”, and some Dr. Seuss thing
– Getting your voice animated

Thanks and enjoy!