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S17E22: Jay Hunter


Saving bullets with Jay Hunter.

Jay is a visiting Detroit-based comic who will be performing around Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal in the near future. He will also be performing on TVA’s next Write Em Up show. Check him out there.

Join Jay and TVA as they piss all over the following:

– Doing comedy is hard
– Watching comedy is harder
– We solve racism

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E21: Al Val


Breaking out with Al Val.

Al is a hilarious comic who talks about his recent journey about coming out. Al is one of the best.

You can check out both Al and TVA at this month’s Write Em Up:PRIDE EDITION! show at Comedy Bar.

Join Al and TVA as they drag through the following:

– Comedy in a dress can be fun
– Al and TVA toured
– We’re all LGBTQOK!

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E20: Brian Stollery


Setting it up with Brian Stollery.

Brian has returned to the podcast for a great chat about comedy and his forthcoming album TBD. Keep an eye out for it!

Join Brian and TVA as they push through the following:

– Album recordings are fun
– Sometimes the audience is wrong
– Keeping it all relevant

Thanks and enjoy!