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S05P03: Erik Griffin

Phoner with comedian and actor Erik Griffin!

Erik comes on to talk prior to the release of his forthcoming album ‘Technical Foul: Volume One’ being released March 12th, 2013.

Listen to the end to hear the title track from the album at the end of the conversation.

Join Erik and tva as we talk about:

– Not-so-good festivals
– Being a sensitive soul
– The truth in material
– Work on “Workaholics”
– “Technical Foul”

Thanks and enjoy!


S05E25: Stefan Brogren

Heading back to school with actor, director and producer Stefan Brogren.

Last ep of the season and we do it in style with a fantastic and funny friend and drinking buddy Stefan.

Join Stefan, tva and Darcy as they spin through the following:

– Life on both generations of Degrassi Junior High
– Stationary bicycling
– Finally getting around to losing your appendix
– The old comedy night at the Old York

Thanks and enjoy!

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S05E24: Carolyn Bennett

This week we welcome “Five Time Guest to the Podcast” Carolyn Bennett, and no, she’s not THAT ONE.

Always a pleasure to have Carolyn on the show, we get caught up and promote her memorial show for Sean Keane at Hirut in Toronto.

To purchase Sean Keane’s CD ‘Some Men Are Great’ or for more information, email Hirut Hoot by clicking HERE.

Join Carolyn, tva and Darcy as we bite off the following:

– The closing of a government writing gig
– Dog bites at Christmas
– What do you get when a plane almost crashes? FREE BOOZE!
– The work of Sean Keane

As discussed, here’s the video of Todd calling an audience member’s parents.

Thanks and enjoy!

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