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S17E25: Matthew Reid


Composing with Matthew Reid.

Matt returns to the podcast solo to talk about his time with Second City, the Toronto Symphony, and both!

Join Matt, Darcy and TVA as they play through the following:

– Be careful what composer you pull out of the air
– Show and improv troupe names are just dumb
– Matt’s been on ‘Chopped’!!!

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E24: Greg Eckler


Looking back with Greg Eckler.

Long-time friend Greg comes to the CATP studios to take a look down Memory Lane.

Join Greg and TVA as they traipse through the following:

– Ahhhhh. Comedy in the 80s.
– Writing v Stand-Up
– The things you learn from Rick Mercer

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E23: Jeewan Gill


Lawyering up with Jeewan Gill.

Jeewan is a terrific comic and just a really great person. Make sure you check out his shows. Follow him on Instagram for details.

Join Jeewan and TVA as they dribble through the following:

– Apparently there’s no such thing as good lawyers
– The Raptors did a thing!
– Canadian show biz in a nutshell

Thanks and enjoy!