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S01E25: Ryan Belleville

RYAN BELLEVILLE monkeys around on the last show of the season.

Last show of the first season, and we close it in full voice. Join tva, Ryan, Darcy, and Ian as we drive it home talking about:

– Our favourite primates
– New doses of fatherhood
– Ryan’s new show coming soon to Showcase
– The preferences in stand-up over film

Thanks for listening to us in our last season! We’ll be taking a bit of a break and bringing you another quality season of Comedy Above the Pub.

Thanks and enjoy!


S01E24: Nile Seguin

NILE SEGUIN takes us away from the fringe.

Friend of the show Nile Seguin shows up with a full Darcy-and-Ian complement. What happens on the first show of 2011? Well:

– We talk about the importance of show notes
– We talk about the fringe festivals and how they’re no festivals for old men
– Nile was on the Debaters!
– We’re hopelessly optimistic about Team Canada



S01E22: Allison Dore

We settle in and have a cool Yule with ALLISON DORE.

Friend of the previous-and-now-podcast Allison Dore shows up with some surly honesty for the holidays.

Join tva, Allison, Darcy, and Ian-on-the-naughty-stoop stand-in Joel Buxton as we get festive about:

– Inappropriate gifts at Christmas parties
– Dealing with family units at the holidays
– The bestest Christmas gifts ever
– The worstest Christmas gifts ever
– Why booze makes everything better
– Why sibling rivalry rocks
– A TON of “Tweet the Guest” questions

Thanks again to Helen Arney for:
Office Party by Helen Arney and Paul Richards
We got the album “It’s Going to be an Awkward Chirstmas, Darling” from Helen Arney, sent all the way from the UK. Thanks so much! When you’re back in Canada, you’ll be back on the show. Promises!