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S15E23: Larry XL


Shaking our damn heads with Larry XL.

Larry returns to the podcast with stories about the road, life in the US under Trump, and his musical project Scornstar and his EP ‘Autopilot’ you can get HERE.

Join Larry and TVA as they sing through the following:

– Some gigs are good, others…not.
– Small crowd, good crowd
– Travel is not all it’s cracked up to be

Thanks and enjoy!


S15E22: Peter Mishara


Getting in the game with Peter Mishara.

Peter is an accomplished director and created a documentary series about the evolution of artistry in video games. You can see this great series HERE IN CANADA or for our US LISTENERS HERE.

Join Peter and TVA as they press ‘Start’ on the following:

– Movies, video games and the great marriage of the two
– #ONPoli
– Welcome to Canada!

Thanks and enjoy!


S15E21: Dave Curran


Snapping to it with Dave Curran.

Dave is a wonderfully talented hypnotist, magician and former DJ. He runs the gamut and brings the funny. You can see him perform at Dave & Busters.

Join Dave and TVA as they sleep deep on the following:

– The wonders of morning zoo DJing
– Can hypnotists be hypnotized? The answer will astound you!
– Magic!

Thanks and enjoy!