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S17E05: Naomi Snieckus


Coming together with Naomi Snieckus.

Naomi is a wonderful comedian, actor and improviser who has performed on Mr. D and Baram & Sniekus.

She joins us in studio to talk about her latest project The Firecracker Department.

Join Naomi and TVA as they crack on the following:

– Ever wonder how Naomi and TVA met?
– Creation of ideas
– Work with your sweetie

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E04: Tennille Read


Working it out with Tennille Read.

Tennille is a wonderful actor who you may have seen on Workin’ Moms. Enjoy this wonderful conversation.

Join Tennille and TVA as they act on the following:

– Auditioning for TV shows is waaaaaay better than commercials
– Life on set
– Theatre in the Northwest Territories: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E03: Pastel Supernova & Rosie Mae


Getting educated with Pastel Supernova and Rosie Mae.

Return guest Pastel Supernova returns and brings her friend Rosie Mae to talk about their new Burlesque University.

Join Pastel, Rosie and TVA as they peel through the following:

– There’s a difference between ‘Burlesque’, ‘Showgirls’ and ‘Stripping’
– Learn to dance, dammit
– What’s in a name?

Thanks and enjoy!