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S18E04: Jeewan Gill


Getting biblical with Jeewan Gill.

Jeewan comes back for some conversation, laughs and a correct pronunciation of his name.

Join Jeewan and TVA as they elect to talk about the following:

– Religion!
– Politics!
– Weddings!

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E03: Myles Anderson


Going quiet with Myles Anderson.

Myles is a wonderful comedian from Victoria, BC whose album Myles From Home is hilarious and you should listen to it.

Join Myles and TVA as they compose their thoughts on the following:

– Society is great
– Blue whales are actually great
– Take THAT, classical rock!

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E02: Victoria Searle


Going 55 with Victoria Searle.

Victoria is a talented model, actor and, like TVA, a fan of Rangers FC. Make sure you follow Victoria and see her upcoming events, including a trip to Glasgow for the first Old Firm match of the year.

Join Victoria and TVA as they have a blether about the following:

– Modelling tips!
– Ghosts!
– Who’s your fave Rangers team?

Thanks and enjoy!