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S04E20: CATP-Live Bob Kerr & Pete Zedlacher

Taking a beating with Bob Kerr and Pete Zedlacher.

Our monthly live episode recorded at Comedy Bar in Toronto has two of our favourites on the show.

Join Bob, Pete, and tva as we discuss in a disciplined manner:

– Impressions in the dark
– Childhood beatings
– Touring the Middle East
– Fatty Booze Face
– Recapping the #TwitterFight

Thanks and enjoy!


S04E19: Andrew Chapman

Coming about with Andrew Chapman.

Television host, comic and friend Andrew comes to the studio with a bag of tales.

Join Andrew, tva, and Darcy as we fly the following up the mast and see who salutes it:

– Zen and the art of boat ownership
– Fringe festivals and why some people don’t know about them
– Cartoons on a Saturday

Thanks and enjoy!


S04E18: Egg Zeppelin

Chewing the fat with Egg Zeppelin.

Comedians Kris Siddiqi and Marcel St. Pierre of the hilarious show “Egg Zeppelin” slide by.

Join tva, Kris, Marcel, and Darcy as we eat our way through:

– We create some movie projects. Please green-light them
– Cats and babies
– Patio time
– Crime in the city
– Bad Dog! Bad Dog!

Thanks and enjoy!