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S14E25: Craig David Wallace


Getting the Faust outta here with Craig David Wallace.

Craig has a fantastic and wide-ranging career as a director of great shows like Odd Squad, Slasher and The Beaverton.

He swung by the podcast to talk about his latest movie Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. A perfect stalking-stuffer!

Join CDW and TVA as they slash through the following:

– 2017’s Best Movies: Were there?
– Guilty Pleasures: Are there?
– Too Much TV: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!

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Season 14 album art uses Backbar with various bottles of spirits in the bar “Boilerman”, Hamburg, Germany. by Stefan Giesbert used under CC-BY-SA-4.0 / cropped from original.


S13E02: Paul Bates


Ending it all with Paul Bates.

Paul Bates is an extremely talented comedian, improviser and half of the fantastic Williamson Playboys and a third of the great Illusionoid.

Paul and tva go through the highpoints and lowpoints of the year and provide a glimmer of hope for the coming year.

Join Paul and tva as they resolve the following:

– The best things of 2016
– The crap things of 2016
– The things we’re going to do to make 2017 way better

Thanks and enjoy!

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