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S20E08: Lisa Gilroy


Jotting it down with Lisa Gilroy.

Lisa is a wonderful actor and improvisor and comes by the podcast to talk about acting, improv and staying sane.

Join Lisa and TVA as they book it through the following:

– Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Beaverton and booking things on vacation
– Be careful what you write in journals
– Try to avoid the bad stuff

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Thanks and enjoy!


S18E18: Nile Seguin


Going on with Nile Seguin.

Long-time friend of the show Nile shows up to talk about everything that comics and performers go through in Canada. A fantastic chat!

Join Nile and TVA as they scribble their way through the following:

– Cases of mistaken identity and mistaken fame
– Mental health, therapy and voice work
– Just…write!

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E05: Victoria Dunsmore


Getting personal with Victoria Dunsmore.

Victoria is a wonderful actor who you can see at TIFF in “The Last Porno Show”. Make sure you see it!

Join Victoria and TVA as they bone up on the following:

– We’re woke…
– …but not at the gym
– We tell you how to act

Thanks and enjoy!