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S19E12: Tracey Hoyt


Carving it up with Tracey Hoyt.

Tracey is a wonderful actor and mentor who is in the hilarious show Decoys on CBC Gem. Make sure you check it out!

Join Tracey, Producer Darcy and TVA as they stroll through the following:

– Staying sane during COVID
– Doing commercials in your pyjamas
– Manscaping! Eww.

Thanks and enjoy!


S19E07: Andrew Moodie


Having a Riot with Andrew Moodie.

Andrew is an award-winning playwright and actor and host of Upload, a political round-table show where he, Bobby Del Rio, Louis Taylor and TVA discuss the world’s landscape. Check it out!

Join Andrew, Producer Darcy and TVA as they roll through the following:

– Racism in Canada is the same but different
– Gone With the Wind
– Golden Palace

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E16: Mariah Owen


Crying on a plane with Mariah Owen.

Mariah is a supremely talented actor and producer who took some time in CATP Studios. Keep an eye out for her forthcoming thriller “Grace”.

Join Mariah and TVA as they go medieval on the following:

– Watch for “Grace”!
– Dining and costume rooms
– Mariah started in the biz early. Like out-of-the-chute early

Thanks and enjoy!