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S07P01: John Caparulo – Convo & CD/DVD Give-Away of “Come Inside Me”


We start our CD/DVD giveaways in Season 7 with a great conversation with comedian John Caparulo. On this episode, we chat about his latest album “Come Inside Me”, which YOU CAN WIN!

Listen to the ep for details on how to win John’s great album. Contest ends October 31st.

Join John and tva as they talk about:

– Punching Canadian pop stars
– Growing up Ohio
– The big LA move

Thanks to John and The Laugh Button.


S06P06: Killer Beaz


Putting the final touch on Season 6 of the podcast, here’s a phone interview we got with comedian Killer Beaz. This comes in advance of his album “Don’t Ever Touch Anyone You Don’t Know” which is released on Sept 17, 2013.


Join Beaz and tva as they talk about:

– Your “Leno” moment
– Starting out in Alabama
– Comedian, or competitive shooter

Thanks to Beaz, Comedy Central Records and The Laugh Button.


S06E14: Matt Davis

Back again with comedian Matt Davis.

Matt slides by for a chat and some home cookery.

Join Matt, tva & Darcy as we chew on the following:

– “Nasty” shows
– Fight Night
– Ever been to a sex club?

Thanks and enjoy!

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