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S09E23: Monica Heisey


Manning up with Monica Heisey.

Comedian and author Monica joins the pod with tales of putting her wonderful book together ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Not Better: A Woman’s Guide to Coping With Life’. You should buy it at the link or at an independent book store.

Join Monica and tva as they author up the following:

– David Letterman’s last show
– Why do we need MRAs when we could all just be nice
– What writing have you done to pay the bills?

Thanks and enjoy!

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S05B02: Reid Janisse & Bryn McAuley

Bonus episode time!

We were honoured to gather some chat with cast members from this year’s Toronto pantomime Snow White. We were able to talk with improvisor Reid Janisse and actor Bryn McAuley.

Join tva as he chats with Reid and Bryn about:

– The process of producing panto
– Reid tells us about teaching improv
– Bryn tells us about her dream and making it come true

Thanks and enjoy!


S05P02: Jonathan Dunne

Having a way with words with Irish author Jonathan Dunne.

Jonathan calls us from his home in Spain to talk about his latest book “Balloon Animals”.

Feel free to go purchase it HERE

Join Jonathan and tva as we Skype our way through the following:

– Following your love
– Teaching English to the Spanish
– The book writing process
– How a tale ends up in Iowa
– Detective Fink!

Thanks and enjoy!