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S12E12: Amanda Brooke Perrin


Crashing with Amanda Brooke Perrin.

Amanda comes by the podcast and as anticipated is a sheer delight. You should definitely get her album AKA Randy. As well, here’s some prerequisite reading: The 7-Layer Dip of Bombing

Join Amanda and tva as they burn through the following:

– Despair!
– The art of bombing, Ann-Coulter Style
– Your insides should remain inside
– Indonesia

Thanks and enjoy!

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S08E10: Ashley Botting

Yes anding with Ashley Botting.

Funny lady and improviser Ashley joins us to discuss all things, well, made up!

Join Ashley, Darcy and tva as they light up the following:

– Ashley and tva bond on their hatred of Ann Coulter
– Acting, improvising and getting funny
– Life putting together a show like 16 SCANDALS and beyond…

Thanks and enjoy!

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