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S17E11: Kate Davis


Getting bookish with Kate Davis.

Kate is a wonderfully talented comedian, actor and now author. You can get her new book “Second Best Mom” and her first stand-up album “House Arrest” HERE.

Join Kate and TVA as they come together on the following:

– It’s amazing what brings the comedy community together
– Who blocks you?
– Comedy is changing…for the good!

Thanks and enjoy!


S15E12: Marcel St. Pierre


Getting weird with Marcel St. Pierre.

Improviser, actor, comedian and author Marcel slides by the show to talk about his latest book, a collection of short stories called “Cliche and Wind Go Hitchhiking”. You can find details HERE.

Join Marcel and TVA as they go short on the following:

– Todd comes clean about how he ditched on Marcel’s great show “The Coincidence Men”
– We know famous people
– Every try telling a joke not in English? Pretty easy!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S11E23: Stacey Gorlicky

Having a session with Stacey Gorlicky.

Stacey is a psychotherapist and addiction counsellor and has written a captivating book entitled ‘Food, Sex & You’.

She’s a wonderfully entertaining guest who talks some really real stuff. So great. Listen carefully.

Join Stacey, Darcy and tva as they get to the bottom of the following:

– Dealing with addiction, divorce and other fun things life throws at you
– The chaos of merging families
– Food, Sex & You

Thanks and enjoy!

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