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S11E15: Andrew Ivimey


Going up, up and away with Andrew Ivimey.

Another one of our “not a season without him” faves, Andrew comes by to talk about his Superheroes Empire also known as FromSuperheroes.com which has texts, sketch and now a podcast.

Join Andrew and tva as they leap the following in a single bound:

– Batman v Superman v Humanity
– Bad Political Impressions? Comin’ right up!
– How to not lose your mind

Thanks and enjoy!

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S08E21: Andrew Ivimey


Getting super with Andrew Ivimey.

Been too long since Andrew joined us on the podcast so we remedied that!

Join Andrew and tva as they go to the snack belt for the following:

– Why don’t they name porn sites right?
– Superheroes are smart
– Superheroes are dumb
– Superheroes need lawyers. Check out Andrew’s CBC Comedy Coup project ‘Super Legal’ HERE

Thanks and enjoy!

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