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S16E14: David Shoalts


Booking it with David Shoalts.

Sports reporter for the Globe and Mail David Shoalts returns to the podcast on the back of his latest book Hockey Fight in Canada. A wonderful read and a marvelous chat with one of Canada’s finest journalists.

Join David and TVA as they fight through the following:

– Ever smoke weed in a limo?
– Ever almost be in a movie?
– Ever have to write a book at 5am?

Thanks and enjoy!


S09E01: Sharilyn Johnson


Writing it up with Sharilyn Johnson.

We can’t think of a better way to begin a fresh new season of CATP than with friend of the podcast, blogger, comedy reviewer and now author, Sharilyn.
Sharilyn has co-written a book entitled Bears & Balls: The Colbert Report A-Z (An Unofficial Fan Guide). This is a brilliant gift for anyone who has a love of the Colbert Report.


Join Sharilyn, Darcy and tva as they tip their hat to the following:

– The state of late night television
– Writing a book and the time it takes
– tva sucks at level 70 of Candy Crush

Thanks and enjoy!

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S08E18: Craig Fay


Drinking it in with Craig Fay.

About time we had Craig on the show. A very funny friend. Enjoy!

Join Craig, Darcy & tva as they toast the following:

– Well, not packing
– Engineering!
– Books, booze and babes!!! But little on the ‘babes’.
– We talk about Craig’s blog he wrote for ‘Scientific American’

Thanks and enjoy!

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