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S17E20: Brian Stollery


Setting it up with Brian Stollery.

Brian has returned to the podcast for a great chat about comedy and his forthcoming album TBD. Keep an eye out for it!

Join Brian and TVA as they push through the following:

– Album recordings are fun
– Sometimes the audience is wrong
– Keeping it all relevant

Thanks and enjoy!


S08E13: Brian Stollery


Processing it all with Brian Stollery.

Brian joins us, a friend from out west, and helps tva work his way through the recent death of Robin Williams. They also talk about some of the great stand-up that was found in the 80s in Canada.

Join Brian and tva as they reflect, pontificate and go back to the following:

– A celebration of Robin Williams’s life and work
– Acting v. stand-up
– The early days of stand-up in Canada

Thanks and enjoy!

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