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S16E08: Carly Heffernan


Getting sticky with Carly Heffernan.

Comedian, improvisor and actor Carly returns to the show to talk about many things, including her show She The People running now until November. Make sure you go see it!

Join Carly and TVA as they slam down on the following:

– Small town livin’ is great!
– Maple syrup: Everyone likes it, right?
– News is bad don’t do it!

Thanks and enjoy!


S09E14: Carly Heffernan


Cruising the buffet with Carly Heffernan.

Recorded just in advance of the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival which actually begins March 5, 2015, we talked to Carly about her show, The Amazing Questo and the Spooky Windchimes.

Join Carly and tva as they wine and dine on the following:

– The joys of voice work and being yelled at without knowing it
– Windchimes!

Thanks and enjoy!

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