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S21E19: Carolyn Bennett

Blacking out with Carolyn Bennett.

Carolyn barrels into the show, her ninth appearance. There’s a reason she keeps coming back. She’s fantastic. Make sure you check out her book ‘Please Stand By‘ and order it to your local library!

Join Carolyn, Producer Darcy and TVA as they spill the juice on the following:

– Renovictions are horrible
– We lose another comic to The 613
– Election blues

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Thanks and enjoy!


S18E10: Carolyn Bennett


Getting bookish with Carolyn Bennett.

Carolyn returns to the show for the EIGHTH TIME! She’s got a book out called Please Stand By so go and grab that!

Join Carolyn and TVA as they poke through the following:

– We got an election!
– We got Hallowe’en!
– What are you thankful/grateful for?

Thanks and enjoy!


S16E01: Carolyn Bennett


Seven-timing-it with Carolyn Bennett.

Carolyn comes by for her SEVENTH visit before she goes to Kingston for the STOREFRONT FRINGE FESTIVAL July 20th to the 28th, 2018.

Join Carolyn and TVA as they leaf the following:

– Politics
– Social Media
– Carolyn has a book coming out! And she can talk about it!

Thanks and enjoy!