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S16E01: Carolyn Bennett


Seven-timing-it with Carolyn Bennett.

Carolyn comes by for her SEVENTH visit before she goes to Kingston for the STOREFRONT FRINGE FESTIVAL July 20th to the 28th, 2018.

Join Carolyn and TVA as they leaf the following:

– Politics
– Social Media
– Carolyn has a book coming out! And she can talk about it!

Thanks and enjoy!


S13E19: Carolyn Bennett


Opening the kimono with Carolyn Bennett.

SIX TIME GUEST Carolyn slides by the studio. She’s hilarious as always and is here promoting her fifth anniversary show of HIRUT HOOT!. Make sure you check out this amazing show!

Join Carolyn and tva as they hack on the following:

– Carolyn’s got a phone!
– Thanks for the ratings, people!
– Ever sell a house?

Thanks and enjoy!

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S10E15: Carolyn Bennett


Boning up with Carolyn Bennett.

Fan-fave, funny lady and infectious giggler Carolyn returns! For the 5th time! Always great to have her on and she again fails to disappoint. Even though that is a kind of failure.

Join Carolyn and tva as they politicize the following :

– The new sex education curriculum is loved by all!
– There’s politicking afoot!
– Help support Carolyn’s movie. Even though she doesn’t want you to.

Thanks and enjoy!

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