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S16E22: Dr. Nekessa Remy


Setting it straight with Dr. Nekessa Remy.

This week we welcome our first ever doctor onto the show, where we talk posture, health and her new book coming out in the new year.

Join Nekessa and TVA as they stretch out the following:

– “Better Posture in 30 Days”
– What gets someone into chiropractic?
– Maybe meet just some of your heroes

Thanks and enjoy!


S16E21-Supplement: Nathan Ali’s “I Wanna Know” & TVA’s Dates


We messed up. We forgot the audio for Nathan Ali’s “I Wanna Know”.

You can find the video here:

Also, TVA lists his upcoming dates in December and January. Go out and see him live!

All dates are found here at his website’s Calendar Page.

Thanks and enjoy!


S16E21: Nathan Ali


Freestylin’ with Nathan Ali.

Nathan is a fantastic hip-hop artist with a brilliant story on how he got to be the performer he is. You can find his latest single I Wanna Know <-- HERE, as well as wherever you find your music. Join Nathan and TVA as they hop through the following:

– How to start in hip-hop
– Another WeDay artist!
– Performing for Five People: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!