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S19E12: Tracey Hoyt


Carving it up with Tracey Hoyt.

Tracey is a wonderful actor and mentor who is in the hilarious show Decoys on CBC Gem. Make sure you check it out!

Join Tracey, Producer Darcy and TVA as they stroll through the following:

– Staying sane during COVID
– Doing commercials in your pyjamas
– Manscaping! Eww.

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E20: Nigel Downer & Kris Siddiqi


Hacking it up with Nigel Downer and Kris Siddiqi.

Kris and Nigel are improvisers and actors who have their new project Bit Playas which you can watch on CBC Gem!

Join Kris, Nigel and TVA as they game their way through the following:

– Happy New Year!
– Hack comedy extends to improv
– Bad movies and show titles

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E04: Tennille Read


Working it out with Tennille Read.

Tennille is a wonderful actor who you may have seen on Workin’ Moms. Enjoy this wonderful conversation.

Join Tennille and TVA as they act on the following:

– Auditioning for TV shows is waaaaaay better than commercials
– Life on set
– Theatre in the Northwest Territories: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!