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S10E24: Kwame Damon Mason


Breaking the ice with Kwame Damon Mason.

Kwame Damon Mason is a fascinating film director who rose to his position through very unconventional channels via radio and other television broadcasts. He has directed a wonderful and important documentary following the lives of black hockey players and Canada’s black hockey league called Soul On Ice. That said, we talk for a long time about comic books. But there is hockey talk as well.

Join Kwame Damon and tva as they take a shot at the following:

– DC vs. Marvel…discuss!
– Fighting your way through TV and radio in Canada
– Did you know there was a Coloured Hockey League that began in the Maritimes of Canada in 1895?

Thanks and enjoy!

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S06E25: Live from the Toronto Podcast Festival – Pay Chen


Closing The Six with Pay Chen.

Recorded live at Johnny Jackson as part of the Toronto Podcast Festival, we bring on media darlin’ Pay Chen to close off season six.

Join Pay, tva and Darcy as we space out on the following:

– What’s the best place to eat in Winnipeg?
– Cronut Nation!!!
– Going to the Ex and not getting cacas calientes
– A great session of “Who’s Worked More?”

Thanks and enjoy!

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