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S22E23: Meg Felling

Chopping it up with Meg Felling.

Meg is a hilarious performer, writer, producer and editor. If you are in the Brooklyn, NY-area, make sure you check out her ongoing fundraiser show, “Please Give a F$%c!

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Join Meg, Producer Darcy and TVA as they chew on the following:

– Ever eat maggots?
– Big Ass Sharks!
– Beware chefs with guitars

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E25: Matthew Reid


Composing with Matthew Reid.

Matt returns to the podcast solo to talk about his time with Second City, the Toronto Symphony, and both!

Join Matt, Darcy and TVA as they play through the following:

– Be careful what composer you pull out of the air
– Show and improv troupe names are just dumb
– Matt’s been on ‘Chopped’!!!

Thanks and enjoy!


S09E05: CATP Staff Party!!!


Staff Party Time!

No guest so Darcy and tva discuss the “Hots” and “Nots” of 2014. And look to 2015.

Join Darcy and tva as they roll 2014 and roll into 2015 with:

– Our picks for music, TV, books, events and television on 2014
– How’s your New Year’s looking?
– Giggles. Tons and tons of giggles

Thanks and enjoy!

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