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S18E17: Sean McDonnell


Burning bridges with Sean McDonnell.

Sean’s a Vancouver-based comedian in town promoting his album All In My Head. Make sure you pick it up!

Join Sean and TVA as they drive through the following:

– The Vancouver comedy scene taken apart comic-by-comic
– Welcome to Toronto!
– Open mics. Hellscape or Botched Surgery? Discuss.

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E16: Mariah Owen


Crying on a plane with Mariah Owen.

Marian is a supremely talented actor and producer who took some time in CATP Studios. Keep an eye out for her forthcoming thriller “Grace”.

Join Mariah and TVA as they go medieval on the following:

– Watch for “Grace”!
– Dining and costume rooms
– Mariah started in the biz early. Like out-of-the-chute early

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E15: Lamont Ferguson


Getting nervous with Lamont Ferguson.

Lamont is an amazingly talented and funny comedian who has been doing comedy for over 30 years. You can watch his special You Had All Day on Amazon Prime.

Join Lamont and TVA as they SOMETHING the following:

– Opening for Carlin and Ella Fitzgerald
– Going on The Tonight Show
– Performing in Canada

Thanks and enjoy!