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S14E06: Dave Martin


Shutting it down with Dave Martin.

Long time friend and funny man Dave joins TVA in the studio to talk about podcasts, comedy and the death of the world.

Join Dave and TVA as they broadcast the following:

– How to stay comedically relevant
– Radio: The podcast of the air
– Remember Comedy Now? Us neither.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Season 14 album art uses Backbar with various bottles of spirits in the bar “Boilerman”, Hamburg, Germany. by Stefan Giesbert used under CC-BY-SA-4.0 / cropped from original.


S03E14: John Hastings

Losing control with John Hastings.

John joins us fresh off of his run in the San Francisco Comedy Competition. It’s a delight!

– Olden tenure of the Comedic Old Guard
– Nazis…for some reason
– The irrelevance of the “Seinfeld”
– What type of gig would you never do again if you could?
– The San Francisco Comedy Competition and John’s “Comedy Now”
The opening phone call by Rip Torn on Jimmy Dore’s “Comedy and Everything Else” (listen to the first 3 minutes!)

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Thanks and enjoy!


S02E15: Darryl Purvis

We take a 7th inning stretch with Darryl Purvis.

A special Mother’s Day/post-Jays game record at CATP, and we cover a lot about touring, comedy, and how jokes outside of the comedy club can get you in bother.

Join tva, Darryl, and Ian as we take a swing at the following:

– Mother’s Day is a bit of a thing
– Darryl gets into trouble but is not a baseball-fan misogynist
– Todd gets into trouble but is not an opera-going racist
– What do right-thinking East-Coasters drink now?

Thanks and enjoy!