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S08E11: Derek Forgie

Taking the long ride with Derek Forgie.

Long time guest and friend of the podcast rejoins us this season to talk to us about the amazing things he’s been up to. They are, as always, significant.

Join Derek, tva and Darcy as they drink up on the following:

– Best not to mention Nestle…
– …or a certain thing that sponsored a thing

Thanks and enjoy!

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S03E03: Robert Cait

PartyPartyPartytime with old friend Robert Cait.

We go vocal with Robert at the “Just For Laughs” festival in Montreal.

Join tva and Robert as they catch up on lost time and mull over:

– The move from Toronto to LA
– Voice acting
– What it’s like sounding an awful lot like Stephen Wright
– This year’s JFL

And don’t forget to CLICK HERE to bring JIMMY PARDO to Toronto.

Thanks and enjoy!


S02E03: Christian Potenza

Total Drama with Christian Potenza.

We are blessed with the presence of brilliant voice actor and exceptional portrayer of exaggeratingly large dental care equipment Christian Potenza.

Join tva, Christian, and Ian as we work out our diaphragms studio-style on:

– The art and indignity of the audition process
– The joys of voice acting
– Nerding out with fans at conventions
– There be wizards
– Getting hassled by twerps in Pennsylvania
– Punching Jackie Chan in the face

Thanks and enjoy!