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S19E08: Rory Scovel


Figuring it all out with Rory Scovel.

Rory returns to the podcast, this time over the interwebs!

Join Rory, Producer Darcy and TVA as they fire out the following:

– People will do our undoing
– Comedy shows? Still happening.
– Keeping the family safe while staying sane

Thanks and enjoy!


S19E05: Jackie Kashian


Going call-to-call with Jackie Kashian.

Jackie is a wonderful comedian who returns to the podcast for her third visit. Make sure you keep an eye out for her forthcoming album, her ongoing Zoom shows and her two podcasts The Jackie and Laurie Show and The Dork Forest.

Join Jackie, Producer Darcy and TVA as they figure out the following:

– Comedy has changed. Podcasts, not so much.
– Getting an album ready. Somehow.
– Bunch of haircuts.

Thanks and enjoy!


S19E03: Tamsen McDonough


Getting ship-shape with Tamsen McDonough.

Tamsen is a delight and returns to the show to talk about her upcoming Netflix show “A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting”.

Join Darcy, Tamsen and TVA as they snack on the following:

– Auditioning and recording during quarantine
– Dogs on planes??? Yup.
– Friend-of-Hulk-Friend Smash!

Thanks and enjoy!