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S05E25: Stefan Brogren

Heading back to school with actor, director and producer Stefan Brogren.

Last ep of the season and we do it in style with a fantastic and funny friend and drinking buddy Stefan.

Join Stefan, tva and Darcy as they spin through the following:

– Life on both generations of Degrassi Junior High
– Stationary bicycling
– Finally getting around to losing your appendix
– The old comedy night at the Old York

Thanks and enjoy!

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S03E21: Colin Mochrie

Beginning 2012 grandly with Colin Mochrie.

Fantastic improvisor and Canadian comedy icon starts us off into the new year. We also have Joel Buxton from The Sketchersons slide by.

Join tva, Colin, and Joel start everything off with:

– Wrapping up the Christmas shopping (at the time of recording)
– What the new year holds
– Life on “Jay Leno”, “Almost Heroes”, and Irvine Welsh projects

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Thanks and enjoy!