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S10E16: Jennifer Hollett


Getting political with Jennifer Hollett.

NDP candidate for University/Rosedale joins us to talk about the upcoming federal election, her time before politics and what she loves about her riding.

Note: We have extended the invitation to three other candidates for CATP’s riding. Ms. Hollett so far is the first to take up our invite. We welcome the others if they wish.

Join Jennifer and tva as they point-counterpoint the following:

– Let’s talk social media, economy, environment and national security
– Jennifer’s previous celebrity chops
– What’s great about this riding, this city and sports games

Thanks and enjoy!

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S02E21: David Miller

We are honoured to talk with his honour David Miller.

Former Toronto Mayor David Miller comes to one of his former constituents and rules!

Join tva, David, and Ian as we ponder the following points of agenda:

– David’s time as mayor of Toronto
– What happens when politicians use Twitter for the wrong reasons
The job David has now
Toronto FC, Ipswitch Town, Rangers and other great points of sports
– < href="http://twitter.com/#!/heyitstva/status/8042859561">The former mayor’s and tva’s TweetFight

Thanks and enjoy!