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S09E04: Ron James


Getting ready for the New Year with Ron James.

This is a wonderful Christmas gift. In advance of his New Year’s Eve Special on CBC, we talked to Ron James about comedy, Canada, and what you should be doing on New Year’s Eve around 9:00pm. Watch “The Big Picture”, the Ron James show, New Year’s Eve at 9:00pm.

Join Ron and tva as they Christmas cheer the following:

– Comedy in Canada, then the US, then Canada again
– Getting television projects off the ground, pretty much anywhere
– This great country of ours
– His special. Truly. Watch it. It will be wonderful.

Thanks and enjoy!

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S06P04: Alan Thicke


Here’s a phoner with Alan Thicke!

In advance of his hosting the “Dancing Like the Pros” show at Fallsview Casino, we were able to get some time with Alan. True legend. The show runs from July 18-24th. You can buy tickets HERE.

Also, apologies for the slight audio difficulty as we recorded during Toronto’s flood recovery. Still, Alan persevered and we can’t thank him enough for it.

Join Alan and tva as they talk about:

– The early days of performing in Kirkland Lake
– Working on Fernwood 2 Night and other great projects
– Keeping it cool Canadian-style
– What’s Alan’s dream job?

Thanks and enjoy!