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S23E12: Trevor Thompson

Getting steamed with Trevor Thompson.

Trevor is an accomplished comedian and podcaster. Follow him for details on his show/podcast ‘Trevor’s Pad’ and get his new album ‘Miserable With Benefits’ on Bandcamp or wherever you get your great comedy albums.

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Join Trevor, Producer Darcy and TVA as they poke check their way through the following:

– Angry Mama is not what you think
– Bilingual comedy
– Hockey chat!

Thanks and enjoy!


S11E07: Marcel St. Pierre


Getting short with Marcel St. Pierre.

Our friend Marcel returns! And we couldn’t be happier. Go check out Marcel’s The ShortWeird Show at the Social Capital Theatre in Toronto.

Join Marcel and tva as they get weird on the following:

– Ever butcher a language? We do!
– Get on our hashtag #QuebecifyABand
– National anthems? We got a lot of them

Thanks and enjoy!

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