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S07E05: Rob Balsdon

Going West with Rob Balsdon.

While doing a small bit of touring western Canada, Todd talks with fellow show-mate Rob and discuss the happenings. Total funnery.

Join Rob and tva as they run through the following:

– What goes in Grande Prairie, stays in Grande Prairie
– The early days of radio
– Kelowna or bust
– We find some comics to be jerks! Find out if we’re kidding or not!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S02E15: Darryl Purvis

We take a 7th inning stretch with Darryl Purvis.

A special Mother’s Day/post-Jays game record at CATP, and we cover a lot about touring, comedy, and how jokes outside of the comedy club can get you in bother.

Join tva, Darryl, and Ian as we take a swing at the following:

– Mother’s Day is a bit of a thing
– Darryl gets into trouble but is not a baseball-fan misogynist
– Todd gets into trouble but is not an opera-going racist
– What do right-thinking East-Coasters drink now?

Thanks and enjoy!