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S16E21: Nathan Ali


Freestylin’ with Nathan Ali.

Nathan is a fantastic hip-hop artist with a brilliant story on how he got to be the performer he is. You can find his latest single I Wanna Know <-- HERE, as well as wherever you find your music. Join Nathan and TVA as they hop through the following:

– How to start in hip-hop
– Another WeDay artist!
– Performing for Five People: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!


S16: Bonus Audio 01

Right. So we messed up.

Here’s what happened. We had three musicians on the show and said that we’d put the music on at the end. We never did. We can’t apologize enough to our super guests who came on to talk specifically about these great works, so we decided to give you bonus audio to listen to.

Here are the three pieces you should have already heard, but will now:

KVNE with ‘Make Me Better’
Kill Them With Colour with ‘Coastal’
Wordburglar with ‘Rental Patient’

Thanks and enjoy!


S16E06: Sean Jordan (Wordburglar)


Throwing rhymes with Sean Jordan aka Wordburglar.

Sean is one of the show’s fave hip-hop artists and his forthcoming album “Rhyme Your Business” is just gorgeous. We’ve had a listen. It’s great.

You can learn about its release and his forthcoming cross-Canada tour at Wordburglar.com.

Join WB and TVA as they serve up the following:

– Canadian hip-hop is pretty great
– Rhyming in the grocery store
– Rap gigs are like comedy gigs

Thanks and enjoy!