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S20E09: Ken Hall


Under the umbrella with Ken Hall.

Ken Hall is a wonderful improvisor and actor. If you’ve not seen him as ‘Herb’ in The Umbrella Academy you are missing out. Go watch it. But listen to him here first.

Join Ken, Producer Darcy and TVA as they space out on the following:

– Zoom medicine
– The worst auditions ever
– What it’s like being on Conan

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Thanks and enjoy!


S11E02: Sean Cullen


Christmas cheer with Sean Cullen.

Sean swings by the studio to have a chat about comedy, Christmas and chocolate-covered ants (one of these items is not discussed).

Join Sean and tva as they wrap up the following:

– Christmas movies are the bomb
– Sean has a podcast! LISTEN TO IT!!!
– When relationships go bad…

Thanks and enjoy!

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