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S12E07: Sugar Lyn Beard


Getting dated with Sugar Lyn Beard.

Sugar Lyn joins us on the pod on the back of not one, not two but three movies. It’s crazy great to have her with us.

Join Sugar Lyn and tva as they grind through the following:

– Sugar Lyn’s in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, The Masterpiece and Sausage Party
– Burgers
– Voice work, radio and all that microphone talkery

Thanks and enjoy!

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S07E09: Jesse Joyce


An Oscar Award-winning performance with Jesse Joyce.

Recorded during our week at Absolute Comedy, Kingston, Jesse joins tva on the podcast as Jesse’s dog Petey naps in the background.

Join Nile and tva as they roast the following:

– Writing with Seth MacFarlane for the Oscars
– Comedy Central roasts
– The Philadelphia comedy scene

Thanks and enjoy!

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