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S19E23: Jeewan Gill


Running through the jungle with Jeewan Gill.

Jeewan rejoins us for the third time, this time virtually. He’s a great friend and comic. Make sure you check him out whenever you can.

Join Jeewan and TVA as they chop their way through the following:

– Escaping Colombia from Covid
– Boomerang money
– “What’s the Racist Term?”

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Thanks and enjoy!


S18E04: Jeewan Gill


Getting biblical with Jeewan Gill.

Jeewan comes back for some conversation, laughs and a correct pronunciation of his name.

Join Jeewan and TVA as they elect to talk about the following:

– Religion!
– Politics!
– Weddings!

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E23: Jeewan Gill


Lawyering up with Jeewan Gill.

Jeewan is a terrific comic and just a really great person. Make sure you check out his shows. Follow him on Instagram for details.

Join Jeewan and TVA as they dribble through the following:

– Apparently there’s no such thing as good lawyers
– The Raptors did a thing!
– Canadian show biz in a nutshell

Thanks and enjoy!