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S13E05: John Hastings


Blocking it out with John Hastings.

We are so happy for the return of comedian John Hastings. While back from the UK for a stint, John came by to talk about the current state of the world, comedy and the hard lessons we’re learning.

Join John and tva as they fuggedabaht the following…

– The politics of it all
– Frank D’Angelo
– New Wave music. Deal with it.

Thanks and enjoy!

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S03E14: John Hastings

Losing control with John Hastings.

John joins us fresh off of his run in the San Francisco Comedy Competition. It’s a delight!

– Olden tenure of the Comedic Old Guard
– Nazis…for some reason
– The irrelevance of the “Seinfeld”
– What type of gig would you never do again if you could?
– The San Francisco Comedy Competition and John’s “Comedy Now”
The opening phone call by Rip Torn on Jimmy Dore’s “Comedy and Everything Else” (listen to the first 3 minutes!)

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Thanks and enjoy!