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S18E21: Kevin Brauch


Giving gifts with Kevin Brauch.

Kevin is a long time friend of the show. A mixologist, a foodie and a friend. His eps are always great and this is no exception.

Join Kevin and TVA as they stumble the following:

– We got gifts!
– We deconstruct booze!
– We talk about embarrassing stage moments!

Thanks and enjoy!


S11E16: Kevin Brauch

Going big with Kevin Brauch.

KING KEV RETURNS!!! We love Kevin and love having him on the show. He’s fun. He’s loud, he brings us drinks. And we love it. Enjoy!

Join Kevin, Sideshow Brett, Darcy and tva as they toast the following:

– Long live the drink of The Dude!
– Kevin’s got a new product line! And it’s gross!
– Kevin’s got an event at the Niagara Falls Beer Festival that you should go to

Thanks and enjoy!

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S08E03: Kevin Brauch

Kevin, Brett and TVA

Drinking it in with Kevin Brauch.

Would not be a season without a return visit by our old friend Kevin. If you don’t think there’s drinking, check out all the photos below.

– Kevin brings a friend. Meet Brett everybody!
– We get gifts from Kevin
– We gain, and then instantly lose Steam Whistle as a sponsor
– We talk Kevin’s new vodka that is flavoured like something awesome!
– Kevin also has a great new beer you should try at Session Toronto

Thanks and enjoy!

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